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We provide a complete range of orthotic and custom bracing services.




Together with our clients and their canines, Appletree works closely with veterinarians and their staff. Our aim is to provide bracing solutions that enable clients and their canines to meet their goals and maximize the outcomes of their treatment plans.

Our Clients

Canines, of all breeds and ages that face challenges with functional abilities come to Appletree for custom orthopedic bracing to address their special needs. They include the family pet and the canine athlete. We work with owners and veterinarians to design and fit custom braces to meet their rehab needs. Appletree works with a canine wheelchair manufacturer and can provide custom chairs to meet our canines needs.

Appointments and Referrals

Clients are normally introduced to Appletree through referrals from veterinarians within the community, who are qualified to prescribe medical devices. Clients may also contact us directly for a consultation and to learn more about our services.


If you have pet insurance Appletree Orthotic Services can work with you and your insurer to access funding for clients who are eligible for coverage.


This is a short video of Murphy, one of our clients, and a note from his owner.

“First and foremost, thank you again for everything with Murphy. We took him to his favorite park last evening, and I’m certain he smiled. For the first time in a month he actually stood at his food bowl to eat and wasn’t shifting on his feet the entire time.
Thank you again Carla!



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