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We provide a complete range of orthotic and custom bracing services.


At Appletree Orthotic Services we carry 2 brands of orthopedic footwear, KeepingPace and Piedro Shoes.

KeepingPace shoes are fashionable shoes for children and adults who wear braces. These brace specific shoes incorporate wider heel and toe box areas, extra depth and a distinctive sole with increased contact surface in order to promote greater medial/lateral stability. Some of there styles incorporate either a velcro or lace up closure. As it gets increasingly difficult to find larger sized adolescent and adult shoes with velcro closure, KeepingPace provides this option at no extra cost.

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PIEDRO Therapy Footwear has over 50 years experience in the making of specialty Paediatric Orthopeadic Footwear. They offer five styles of footwear, each has its own unique construction providing a specific level of support or correction. Their therapy footwear is known for its stability , extra width and extra depth. PIEDRO shoes can come with either a Velcro closure or lace up design.

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